I’m glad plastic surgery procedures fell 40% in the UK in 2017 since I’ve never been a fan. However, the beauty industry still raked in the money with beauty treatments/products to the tune of approximately 388 billion pounds. Naturally, this amount includes ludicrously expensive celebrity makeovers.

I’m going to tell you how it can be done without breaking the bank – and with guaranteed results you won’t go away with a face like a stretched Siamese cat. Your guarantee is me. You are looking at the results on my 71 year old skin.


Stella Ralfini, professional beauty consultant.

Stella Ralfini, 71, renowned beauty guru


Due to the fact I’ve worked as a professional life coach/beauty consultant for over 30 years and my appearance is paramount in inspiring others to follow my advice, I’ve dedicated time to achieving a ‘glass skin’ complexion, and cracked it through two means.

  1. On a daily basis I use my natural homemade beauty recipes using essential oils, fruits, veg, herbs and plentiful other delights supplied by Mother Earth. (You can follow and make these free on my Stella Ralfini Official YouTube channel
  2. On a twice yearly basis, I have a natural non-surgical beauty treatment,

Over the years, I tried various non-surgical beauty treatments in a number of countries but was never entirely happy with the results until I came across my skin doctor (Artemis) in Athens five years ago. I credit her with keeping me fresh-faced but ‘real’looking from then until now. I qualified in Dermatology in my thirties and practiced this skill at a mind empowerment, health, beauty centre I owned in Athens. There is little I don’t know about skin issues and I love nothing better than discussing the subject with someone of Artemis’s ilk.  Our chat launched an idea. The idea grew into a concept which sprouted an innovative non-surgical facelift method Artemis calls ‘Face Sculpting.’ Two years ago I had a wrinkly neck. It is now virtually line free.

Why Face Sculpting differs to say Botox (or similar injectables), is that its aim is not to stretch the muscles which shrivel back to wrinkles when the effect of injectable wears off. Face Sculpting is a complete process that uses combination of three natural treatments to fill out fine lines/wrinkles, reshape irregularities like wonky lips, droopy eyes, collapsed cheekbones, slack jaw and saggy neck issues. This is done subtly to make you look fresher but never fake. And instead of results fading, they grow over time.

Greece is a main forerunner in the beauty industry and methods so new it can take years before they hit the UK – and when they do, some clever dick gives the method a new name and charges a fortune.

What makes this offer so exciting is that the package of three treatments costs e400. If there were an equivalent in the UK you’d be thinking in the region of 1500 pounds – and I doubt you’d find someone of Artemis’s caliber for that price.

Prior to your tailor-made Face Sculpting session, much thought goes into getting it just right for your age and skin type. This is done through analysis of a current full-face pic, which is used to calculate how best to enhance your features in the most natural way. Artemis is the only person in the world right now who has worked out the dynamics of Skin Sculpting. We know it works. You are looking at the results.

Without further ado or too much technical jargon, let me tell you about the Three Treatment Combo used in a Face Sculpt session.

AGAROSE – the very latest noninvasive skin sculpting aesthetic treatment

DId I hear you think you have never heard of it? Well that’s not surprising because Agarose is the new kid on the block when it comes to beauty treatments, and Greece is one of few countries where it is available. Agarose is a natural nutrient food made from human tissue, which encourages cells to repair and grow. It can be used on any part of the body but works best when injected close to the bone so is ideal for around the eyes. Unlike some fillers, it is 100% natural which means it can be used by those who have allergic or autoimmune diseases.


Agarose is an injectable filler and for about a week after the treatment if you touch the areas of your face that have been treated you will feel little lumps under your skin. The ‘human tissue lumps’ contain proteins, nutrients and vitamins which slowly dissolve into the skin, smoothing, firming and plumping the area(s) which has been treated.

Plasma Plexr – complete non-surgical aesthetic treatment



Plasma Plexr is a groundbreaking treatment that gives great results through non-invasive means. The treatment is applied using a portable hand held plasma beam. The plasma beam breaks down excess skin without damaging the muscles or underlying structures around it so is perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes or mouth. When device is placed on area being treated, heat builds, there is a feeling of being gently stung as the nib of the plasma beam makes a series of small dots on the skin. These dots take away fine lines whilst tightening the skin so help to reduce visible signs of ageing.

After a Plasma Plexr treatment you are left with slight scaly grey-brown lines which are known as carbon dust but these disappear within a week –during which time it is advisable to wear concealer to protect yourself from sun light. The treatment is completely safe and most patients go back to work the same or next day.

Autologous Autosoma. Third but not least – when the above two treatments are combined with an AA (plasma rich in growth) boost, you will definitely smile at your reflection, having reclaimed your vibrant foxiness. AA treatments are one of my fave advancements in facial rejuvenation for anyone over forty but especially for us over sixties. AA is an injectable wonder treatment that extracts live platelets found in our own blood plasma to stimulate and accelerate tissue and collagen regeneration. Since AA treatments use patient’s own blood, this poses no risk of infection or allergy.

Platelets contain substances known as growth factors that activate and rejuvenate cells in the body. The growth factors, when released back into the skin, induce the generation of new capillaries to rejuvenate and give the skin luminosity. AA compliments Agarose and Plasma Plexr well. Working together they help to eliminate fine wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial grooves, lips, forehead, neck, dark circles under the eyes and loose and saggy skin.

And. As though you’re not already jumping for joy – here’s a bonus. Should you need it, this package comes with complimentary laser facial hair treatment because looking as good as you will, you won’t want to spoil the effect with facial hair eh…

EACH FACE SCULPTING SESSION IS TAILOR MADE. Artemis works out the exact amounts of AGAROSE, PLASMA-PLEXR and AA that are right for your skin. This is what separates the mediocre from the superb, and it is this knowing which makes Artemis a superb alchemist.


Another happy client


But. Let’s be clear. Even the best performing non-surgical facial treatments have an approximate life of six months – so if you are in your fifties or beyond you will have to keep it up whether it’s here or elsewhere – and you will need to dedicate time to your skin in between by following my natural homemade beauty suggestions.

My fee to act as your personal beauty consultant (first trip only) is e200.  This includes half hour Skype chat so I can get to know you, give you your personal beauty routine to follow and get to work on your pic. I meet you from bus station in Glyfada, take you to your hotel for your one night stay, (approx. e40-50), spend an hour with you to discuss whatever you might have in mind, book your beauty appointment – and accompany you there to talk everything through with Artemis before your session. The area you’d stay in, (Glyfada), otherwise known as the Greek Riviera, is stunning, wonderful for shopping, inexpensive fish tavernas and sipping coffee on the sea front. You might even decide to turn your beauty treatment into a mini holiday, come with a friend and stay longer cos Athens is a hidden gem.  (Treatments are available 30th Sept to 30th March when flights are inexpensive and Stella is in Greece to look after you).

If you are thinking of booking but would like to know more, write to me at stella@stellaralfini.co.uk and we’ll have a chat.   Hope to see you in Greece. Stay blessed xx


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