I had such a delicious brunch and I didn’t just eat it, I put it on my face and gave my skin a feast of vitamins, enzymes and goodies fit for a goddess. My breakfast was tropical fruits with Greek yoghurt then smashed avocado on toast.

First I used a piece of fresh pineapple, rubbed it over my face, neck and around my eyes and left it to do its magic for 10 mins. Pineapple, packed with Vitamin C and natural glycolic acid enzymes got to work polishing off old skin and tightening it.  I’d already whipped a full teaspoon of smashed avocado into a teaspoon of yoghurt and placed that in the freezer to get nice and cold.

That dynamic due went on my skin next and what a super nourishing face mask it is. The lactic acid in yoghurt helps to dissolve old skin cells while the avocado gives it a healthy dose of Vitamin E.

When I rinsed that off 20 mins later, I took the piece of water melon sitting on a saucer in the fridge and massaged that into my face and neck. Brilliant skin tonic packed with Vitamin C which leaves a lovely glow.

If you’re not wearing makeup that day, leave watermelon on for as long as you wish before rinsing off and applying your day cream/sunscreen.

Because I’m known for going the extra mile, I finished off my beauty treatment with a blast of ice and essential Lavender oil to tighten my skin a little more. All you do is wring out a wet face cloth, sprinkle with 4 drops of Lavender oil, place in ziplock bag and keep in freezer, ready to press against your face for 30 seconds. Ideally this should be done on a daily basis. I do sometimes forget, but doing this regularly, makes a noticeable difference to skin.


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