Stella Ralfini

Top tips for line free eyes

Our eyes are the first thing we see when looking in a mirror – and can cause anxiety when they look jaded or lined – but in my usual way I want to be honest. It’s unlikely we’ll achieve our beauty goals if we don’t work from the inside out.

Let’s start with dark circles, and how to treat them internally, since this is where many of our probs begin.  In Alfred Vogel’s health manual ‘The Nature Doctor’. Vogel, a respected Swiss naturopath, states that dark circles are often symptoms of liver disorders and constipation. To remedy these he suggests drinking lots of carrot juice, taking daily calcium complex vitamin tablet, and liver restorer Milk Thistle (available in health shops).  I would add beetroot juice to his suggestions (wonderful blood cleanser). Here’s the link to my video showing you how to make carrot and beetroot juice recipes.  For all my beauty recipes and health tips, here’s link to my Stella Ralfini Official YouTube channel.   ttps://

If you get dark circles around your eyes when you’re tired, you can minimize them by cutting two thin potato slices, chilling them in bowl of water in fridge and placing over the top of your eyes for ten minutes.  If done on a regular basis, it lightens the skin around your eyes and is a super sneaky trick before important meetings or special occasions.

For puffy eyes, I came across this gem of a technique when studying Ayurvedic medicine in India and since blocked nasal passages and sinus issues can result in eye puffiness, is definitely worth a try. Take a tiny glass bowl, fill with half teaspoon of sea salt and lukewarm water (which has been previously boiled). Then, holding right nostril closed with thumb, inhale the mixture through your left nostril until you feel its saltiness trickle down your throat. Repeat with other nostril and have a good blow into a hankie. (You’ll be surprised how much mucous comes out and how clear nasal passage is).  The added bonus when performed twice weekly is that it protects energy field from picking up colds and viruses – and I can honestly say I have been cold-free for years.

To deal with crinkly skin around the eyes, massage daily for one minute with castor oil, (making sure you don’t get any in eyes). Castor oil has been used since biblical times for its healing properties and considered by many to be one of the best natural skin emollients available. It also acts as a powerful humectant, which helps to attract and retain moisture, so is a super home remedy for wrinkles. Before you go to bed, take this a step further by gently dabbing a tiny amount of Vaseline around your eyes (over eye cream/serum to seal in) and leave on overnight.  

Regarding saggy skin, let’s consider something I do every morning to tighten skin around the eyes. Take two ice cubes and run them around eye area for thirty seconds. This will contract and stimulate eye muscles – further helping keep wrinkles at bay.

I appreciate your kind words regarding my beauty recipes but it is not enough to simply read them lol. You say you want to have clear, unlined skin like mine at 71 but it didn’t just happen, it takes time and daily dedication, so come on, stop procrastinating and get doing. xx