Covid Turned Me Into A Rat

The change in my attitude towards life was helped by Spencer Johnson who wrote the book ‘Who Stole My Cheese.’ His insistence that rats were more intelligent than humans made me want to learn their ways. Rats didn’t turn back when they came up against a wall, he said. They looked at it from every [...]

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Is Monogamy Over? Let’s Get Real.

God doesn’t care if we’re heterosexual or gay. No-one is looking down to judge us. Nothing cares. It’s all getting on with its own life – and here’s a call for us humans. Monogamy is a man created concept that’s practiced by the minority. Ohio State University’s study concluded men thought about sex over 19 [...]

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3 hour transformation consultation with award winning life coach, natural health/ beauty advisor and bestselling author Stella Ralfini. Featured in many mags including: Women's Health, Top Sante, Prima, Soul and Destiny, Kindred Spirit, Bella, Thrive Global, Health Consumer Digest, Huffington Post, Sloan, Woman's Own. Also BBC Radio and Channel 4 TV. Enrich and strengthen your [...]

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Can The World Get More Shallow?

My niece came over for dinner last week. She’s single and on Tinder looking for a man. To drag her away from some twit she was texting, I announced it was time to eat. My niece told the guy. Next second she was laughing herself silly. ‘What?’ I asked. ‘He asked if I wanted to [...]

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