At seventy, I am slowly being regarded as an inspirational woman of our times. This pleases me no end since I have given most of my life to taking care of others as an international life coach. I am one of few who has honest claim to my title of ‘Teacher of Self Knowledge.’  This means I’m qualified in three forms of Yoga, a qualified Psychologist, Reiki healer and I’m pretty clued up when it comes to holistic health.

I admit to being a somewhat vain minx so when it comes to beauty, I’ve found numerous ways to hold back the years and often share my inner/outer beauty secrets, either on my website or on Huffington Post where I write under the name ‘Mature Beauty Minx.’ Most are simple ‘make at home’ recipes with ingredients everyone has in their kitchen.

Regarding the beauty treatments I favour, I go to great lengths to source the most innovative and effective on the market.  I do this not only for myself but because most of my clients are career women who want to look their best and look to me for advice.

For book lovers, I have written four books. Two for children ‘Omzak the Space Cat Warrior’ and ‘Porridge the Two Faced Parrot.’ (for Porridge I was shortlisted for Funny Writer of Year’ award in 2012. My two books for adults are Chakra Psychology and (best seller) Three Faces of Sex.

The articles I write concentrate on love and relationship advice, beauty tips, yoga, breathing techniques (to keep wrinkles at bay and protect immune system), health, mind power and career advancement.

Recently I’m being asked more and more to appear on UK TV and Radio shows to share my views on aging and the challenges of finding love and a partner. I’m still looking lol because I have no intention of settling for crumbs due to a silly number on my birth certificate.

Am I happy? Very because I love myself with my imperfections, live every day as though it could be my last (because it could be eh?) and refuse to conform to what might be expected of a seventy year old.

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