Stella Ralfini The Whole Story

Back when I was in my teens, working class families didn’t send their kids to university but my father (a strict Greek Cypriot) insisted I went to Pitman’s Business College to give me a good start. I worked hard, gained an Honour’s Diploma and sailed into an exciting career. By the time I was 21, I was secretary to the chairman of Thomson’s Holidays Holdings. At 23, I landed a job as personal assistant to the Rolling Stones and was then headhunted to help run the team at Warner International Music in Berkeley Square.

I never imagined my career would take such a spiritual turn but my mother was a spiritualist and much of what I learned from her when I was young had such impact that by age 30, I knew I was done with the music biz and wanted to be a life coach and help others. By age 39 I was qualified in three different schools of yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra), a Reiki master, certified holistic health/beauty advisor and more. Due to a beautiful love affair which lead me to Greece, in 1989 I opened the most progressive wellness centre of its kind in Glyfada, Greece. It offered yoga, personal development courses for kids and adults, beauty/health treatments and vegetarian cuisine.

I have since written 6 books. Some popular. A few hit the dust. Two for children. Omzak the Space Cat Warrior remains my favourite. Three are adult personal development books that cover everything from lovemaking, spiritual growth and natural health/beauty care.  My latest book, Rock N Roll Mayhem 1970, published Spring 2020 is part of a project to fund water tanks in Africa for children in dire need. Due to Covid, this had no impact but I’ll get back to it asap. To tune you in, below are the book covers.

Apart from that which we call God, who plays an important role in my life, I was blessed to have a spiritual teacher who spoke to my soul. His name is Osho. I spent many summers at his ashram in Puna, training to teach seminars I could personalize to include the best of East/West philosophy, wisdom, exercises and breathing techniques. 

This is me today. I’m 73, feel blessed to be alive. Still work full time and have become pretty well known in the media as a natural health/beauty expert. Here are a couple of before and after pics of two clients who did my 30 Day Total Mind, Body, Face Transformation course. Before Covid, everything I did was live. I am now adapting and offer my services online Transformation courses and workshops online. Hope to work with you xx

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