Stella is an award-winning life coach, natural beauty/health specialist and Neo Tantra love coach. Her best selling book titles include Three Faces of Sex and Sensual Sorcery.

Stella works tirelessly beside her clients to ensure they forge ahead in their careers, are fit, healthy and look their best at every age. Among her clients is a teenager who is a world champion sportsman, women who have million pound businesses, and thousands who learned the meaning of ultimate self love through her guidance. Stella is a master at helping singles gain confidence in the game of love and showing couples the way to create honesty, closeness and mutually satisfying s.e.x (an acronym for SacredEnergyExhange) into relationships.

Stella loves every aspect of her work but in the last few years has become increasingly known as a Neo Tantra lovemaking educator. Apart from teaching at live seminars and festivals, she is founder and creator of online Neo Tantra Love Camp workshop series.

Whether your issue concerns frustration, career, ill health, is beauty related or your goal is to become not only a better version of yourself but a Neo Tantra lover at ultimate level, let Stella guide you. At 73, she is living proof that her advice is viable and remains as passionate about helping others as she did when she started out 35 years ago..

1 hr Zoom session for all categories other than Neo Tantra lovemaking training £75.

1 hr Zoom session for deep, thorough singles training in Neo Tantra £100.

1 hr Zoom session for deep, thorough couples training in Neo Tantra £150.

Read more about Stella’s work in this field here: For more general info write to Stella at Should you wish to book a session, payment is by Paypal.