There is a Taoist order of nuns in China called White Tigress society, who apparently use semen all over their bodies to prevent skin ageing. My question is how the saucy minxes harvest so much of the stuff!

In your case, since we are only talking about the face – and I’m assuming you’re in a loving relationship and have no sexual hang ups, your husband/partner can provide your weekly beauty mask.

Spermine (one of the ingredients in semen) is featured in expensive cosmetic creams that cost upwards of £200. Spermine is an antioxidant known to reduce wrinkles and alleviate acne but why pay such extortionate prices for something that’s free? Semen contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), magnesium, phosphorous, blood antigen enzymes, potassium, vitamin B12, zinc, nitrogen and calcium so is an amazingly healthy treat for the skin – and listen to this, it also contains serotonin and melatonin so might even induce restful sleep when the mask is washed off half an hour after application.

In Tantra tradition, the mask is generally used when opting for mutual self-pleasuring as opposed to vaginal interaction and since women don’t always fancy full on sex is a useful alternative with a bonus (if you are willing to try it).

Semen mask application:  When your partner ejaculates onto his stomach, scoop it from there and apply it to your face and neck.

I have no idea why I caused so much fuss when I initially raised this subject, but I guess if you don’t follow Tantra, the idea of rubbing semen on your skin could sound gruesome. The reason I mentioned it then was to promote my book ‘Three Faces of Sex,’ which takes an in depth look at Tantra practices. However, that was never referred to in the press coverage I received.

Bull semen, due to its high protein content has become a popular ingredient in hair products. Normally mixed with a plant called Katera, it is used in swanky hairdressers around the world (including Hari’s in Knightsbridge) as a hair thickener and known as ‘Viagra for hair.’  Clients don’t know the bull from their Uncle Tom but they’re happy to have their heads slathered with its semen. I personally wouldn’t rub anything on my hair that comes from a bull. For a start its penis is three foot long  – which makes me feel squeamish.

And what about sheep placenta – how is that less gruesome than using human semen which is full of fresh life giving cells, and originates from a man you adore? From articles I’ve read, Madonna, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardeshian swear by sheep placenta to keep their skin looking good – and they do look fabulous, so if sheep placenta works why shouldn’t human semen be effective? What is it exactly that fills some with disgust when the subject of semen masks comes up?

When there are products like bird dropping masks and snail secretion skin creams on the market which are used by millions of women worldwide, what’s the big fuss about semen beauty masks?

I used semen masks with my long term partner for years, and whether I convinced my mind they worked or they actually did, there is no solid proof (apart from the fact my skin looked wrinkle free and fantastic) However, the same can be said of bull semen, sheep placenta, bird droppings or snail secretion creams for which there is also no solid long term proof and they cost heaps of money. Therefore I ask again, what do you have to lose by giving free semen masks a try?

If you want to know more about me and my reaction to the semen mask furor, here’s an interview I did for Rude magazine.