There isn’t anything you can compare this book to really. It’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland but here, Omzac, a cat warrior from another planet falls down the hole and finds a surreal world waiting.
Omzac, as a punishment, is sent by his ruler to live amongst cats on Earth and for him, they could all have come straight from the mad hatter’s tea party. Omzac walks on 2 legs, speaks English, is a master of every subject and sport and on his planet was 4ft tall.
On Earth he’s the size of a kitten and none of the cats he meets believe he’s either a famous warrior or a grown up. Enter Jodie – who Omzac is forced to live with to experience life as a humble pet. It turns out that Jodie is a ‘cat whisperer’ and knows more about what goes on in the minds of cats than Omzac ever could.
Before Omzac knows what’s happening, he finds himself traing Earth cats to become warriors to defeat an evil cat-kidnapper and rescue the stolen cats. Jodie insists on being part of the rescue plan – and I’m not sure how thw author managed this but there was a point in the book when I became Jodie and felt and saw everything as a child through her human perspective. Brilliant.
This is a clever book. REALLY clever. It’s well worth buying and I highly recommend it for children and – definitely adults too.