We all seem to be endlessly wavering between heaven and hell but if we could just accept what is, as it’s being given to us, right here, right now, how much simpler life would be?

 After all, what is hell, it’s a tight feeling in our gut that life has robbed us in some way. What is heaven? It’s acceptance of what comes along without giving it concrete meaning.

 …Which reminds me a wise Sufi story.

 In the middle of the forest, lived a poor wood chopper who one day woke up to see a white stallion standing on his land.

The villagers gathered round to tell him how fortunate he was. Shrugging, the wood chopper said ‘Who knows’.

The villagers were baffled but said no more and went about their business. Then, one day, when the wood chopper’s son was riding the white stallion to break it in, it threw him off and galloped away, leaving the son with a broken back.

The villagers gathered round to say how unfortunate the wood chopper was after all. He shrugged and said ‘Who knows’. The villagers thought ‘who knows’ was an odd reply and went about their business.

A week later the stallion rode back with another tenFee in tow. The villagers gathered round, proclaiming it a fortunate turn of events. The wood chopper said ‘Who knows’      – And so the story goes on.

The morale of this tale is that since we can’t possibly know how any story will end, it’s better not to count our chickens to soon and better not to give into despair.

Will whatever we started have a happy ending?  ‘Who knows.’

Will the person we love, love us back?  ‘Who knows’

Will we be given what we want?   ‘Who knows’.

‘Who knows’ is the space between heaven and hell. No expectations to drag us down. No unrealistic demands about what we should be given, how it should be given or when.

‘Who knows’ is a space of acceptance which allows us to make our home in heaven and since stallions come in many disguises, it’s wiser to leave the meaning open.

So, take a deep breath, bring something to mind that is troubling you and say:  ‘Who knows.’  Feel the space you have created. Doesn’t that feel powerful?  Well done life warrior, you are on your way to heaven.


Stella Ralfini is an international online Skype life coach  a beauty guru and awarding winning author.  She writes for Huffington Post under name ‘Mature Beauty Minx.’