Where I live in Greece some of the year, many believe in the evil eye… Usually they call a relative and ask them to take it away through incantation. This is the worst thing a spiritual warrior could do because when we offload what’s ours to solve on someone else, we weaken our energy field.

In a while I’m going to share a strong lesson in taking responsibility but before that, let’s get back to the evil eye. Should you live in a country where people believe in it and have given the responsibility to someone else to take away, stop this minute. You’re an intelligent person who knows a thing or two about the way the Universe works so you’ll know that you are always being tested. This means you cannot think bold thoughts and take weak actions and cannot pass the parcel to others.

You know when someone it trying to negatively infiltrate your energy space because suddenly you get a headache, stomach ache or feel a happy mood change. Spirit, your infinite friend will always warn you so you must take control, since moments like this give you the chance to increase your power by sending negative energy back to its source. Don’t even think about where it came from. Your job is to get rid of it, and here the word ‘Love’ not ‘Revenge’ comes into play. As spiritual warriors we never try to get even, so here’s what you can do.

Step one: Recognise your sudden heachache or changed mood immediately it descends.

Step two: Shake your hands vigorously and say out loud, ‘This isn’t mine. I return it to its source with love and free myself from its negative force.’

As a mother, I have always done my best not to take my daughter’s power away by stepping in when the challenge was hers. And here’s a little story to illustrate that point.  We had gone to spend Easter in a remote mountain village in Greece and one evening when we returned to our hotel, Nina spotted a scorpion on the wall above her bed. At the time, she had been out of work for five months and was losing faith in herself. ‘Mum,’ she screamed. ‘Do something about that scorpion.’

‘It’s above your bed, not mine,’ I said. ‘The universe wants to test your courage.’

Nina took a picture of the scorpion, magnetized it and showed it me. ‘But look Mum, it’s HUGE. Don’t you care if it kills me?’

Nonplussed, I shook my head, picked up a book and pretended to read while Nina tutted and fumed. ‘I bet you any money you want that if you pass this test, the universe will deliver a super job in the near future. ‘It’s you against the scorpion, now get on with it,’ I said.

Occasionally casting me looks of desolation, Nina stared at the scorpion for ages, then realizing she was on her own, went into the bathroom, wrapped her hand and arm in a towel, found an empty glass and a beer mat to trap it inside.  Ten times she approached the scorpion with her trapping kit before retreating with heavy sighs.

‘Trap it before it wakes,’ I said. ‘Otherwise it could skitter off and you won’t sleep all night wondering where it went.’

The warrior inside Nina coming to life, she plunged at it, trapped it, took it outside to the balcony and tipped it over the side.

‘How do you feel now?’ I asked.

‘Powerful,’ she smiled.

A week later she was offered a fantastic job and continues to climb the ladder to success.

Morale of this blog:  Never give your power away. Take responsibility and you’ll receive rewards in line with your courage.


Stella Ralfini is an international life coach (who also works via Skype), is considered to be a beauty guru and is an author.  She writes for Huffington Post under name ‘Beauty Minx’ and can be found on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.