Don’t know what you think about the growing stampede of young women who use injectables to create the perfect face. I find it scary.

The beauty industry rakes in billions every year on beauty procedures. The issue is that many young women, regardless of consequence, get swept away by hype and go too far too soon on harsh procedures they don’t need.

Who would want to be a celebrity in this day and age? If you’re insecure, you’re screwed. Take the case of dear Katie Price who’s had four face lifts at age 41. In pics I saw after her last surgery, the stitches didn’t meet the skin because too much was cut away in previous procedures.

I wrote to Katie’s agent a couple of years ago. I saw what was coming and offered my services. Free of charge since I wanted the challenge of showing Katie alternative non-invasive ways to keep her good looks, to suggest beauty treatments which had no negative comeback and encourage her to embrace Mother Nature to heal, nourish and beautify her skin.

You might be thinking, who is this unknown woman who wanted the challenge of transforming celebrity Katie Price?  I guess that’s what Katie’s agent thought since I never heard back. Maybe the fact that I’m in my seventies was a turn off.

Shame that, because not only do I look pretty good for my age, my expertise in the beauty and health field is vast. I know every beauty treatment available worldwide, what they do, who they are suitable for, where to get the best price. Nothing escapes me.

My passion however, lies in concocting natural health and beauty recipes and remedies.  I’ve been making them the past 35 years, have passed onto satisfied clients and use myself. I could talk about essential oils for hours. I truly believe they hold the key to holding back wrinkles and offer myself as an example.

There are so many simple things we can do at home that work magic on the skin. To keep it taut, run an ice cube around eyes, on face and across jawline for 30 seconds a day. Exfoliate skin with the inside part of kiwi skin which contains natural glycolic acid. Rub it over face then follow with a deliciously nourishing banana mask. Just mush a little in your hand and apply to face and neck for 30 mins.

I’ve written a book called Sensual Sorcery which contains some of my favourite remedies and recipes gathered from gran, mum and my travels around the globe. Wouldn’t it be great if the voice of a relatively unknown woman in her seventies broke through the stampede and knocked some sense into it?

I have always been an optimist so shall expect the best but will remain forever annoyed I didn’t get my chance with Katie.


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