Here we are with minds that can be trained to produce excellence of thought, yet how easily we allow them to corrode with inner self-destructive voices.

How many times have we shuddered in their wake when an uncomplicated way of thinking could cure such madness? Imagine living in a world with no self-doubt? Imagine how liberating it would be? Imagine how different life would be if you took charge of your mind and programmed it to understand that waiting for answers was a waste of time?

What is meant to be yours will be given but wouldn’t you rather know sooner than later? For example, the guy you went out with two weeks ago who hasn’t called back? Instead of chewing your nails agonizing over what he’s thinking, why don’t you pick up the phone and ask ‘Are you interested?’ Don’t tell me your ego is holding you back.  A lot of help yours is if it lets you suffer for weeks. Wouldn’t you rather have an answer and be done with it?

An uncomplicated woman isn’t afraid to hear the word ‘No.’  No is cut and dry. We know where we stand and don’t waste time dreaming. ‘Maybe’ is a weak word, best taken as a No so we don’t waste time on expectation. ‘Yes’ sounds positive but an uncomplicated woman doesn’t get carried away with the sound since a Yes today can become a No somewhere down the line.

More than that, an uncomplicated woman doesn’t waste time on relationships where it’s obvious her deepest ‘wants’ won’t be met. And when a man who seemed her prince goes off her, she doesn’t inflict him with guilt or bludgeon him with endless ‘whys.’ Her mind accepts the role energy plays in relationships and that two glued souls can come unglued in a blink. An uncomplicated woman chases nothing which rejects her. She loves herself too much for that, and rather than living in suspense she opts for now to clear the decks.

An uncomplicated woman is so liberated she leaves no questions hovering.

So, if you’ve got something on your mind, pick up the phone – and start dialing.




Stella Ralfini is a psychologist/life coach, a beauty guru and award winning author. She is available on Skype for online coaching sessions. If you’d like more info, write to her at