Our original nature is water, so we were meant to flow with the river. We were meant to move fluidly, allowing nothing to keep us from our greatness.  Sadly, by the time we’re adults we have been contaminated by conditioning and weighed down with labels.  Labels that say ‘I am a mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt,’ that drown us in guilt and confusion because we feel we might not be good enough.

 Slowly the water turns to ice and we become shapeless slabs trying to live up to society’s expectations of how we think we should behave. The choice is ours. We can become ice or we can melt by living authentically. We can go on living life through other people’s eyes or we can live it genuinely through our own. Speaking our truth even when our voice shakes. Even when we’re scared to death we won’t be liked. Even when the person we truly are is like none who went before.

 Let’s throw out the guilt, the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’.  Let’s create boundaries of compromise that suit us. Let’s throw down the shackles of martyrdom and return to free flowing spirits of the river. Let us show love but let our best be defined by us, as we strive for a more authentic ‘us’ each day.


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