5 Ways to Wise Up on Dating Sites

In this article, Stella Ralfini, alternative life coach, natural health and beauty consultant and award-winning author, shares advice on 5 Ways to Wise Up on Dating Sites. ‘You see profile pic. The guy rocks. You ‘Like’ him. He writes back. So far so good but ahead awaits an ocean of turbulence and possibility. If you’re [...]

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Saturday 2nd June 15.30 – 20.30 How do fears grow to the point where they overwhelm us? What causes us to feel helpless and lost? Why do few seem to understand us? How do we find courage to leave miserable relationships? Why don’t we fully love ourselves? Is there any hope for the future? This [...]

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How To Move Closer To True Love

  There are many ways to get closer to love but they all involve cutting out ego's roots – and if we don’t master this we can’t truly say we know what love means.  ‘True loving’ means we have graduated to what is called the 'space of understanding'. That elevated space is high on the [...]

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