Stella Ralfini

My niece came over for dinner last week. She’s single and on Tinder looking for a man. To drag her away from some twit she was texting, I announced it was time to eat. My niece told the guy. Next second she was laughing herself silly.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘He asked if I wanted to lick his dick as a starter.’

I didn’t smile.  Dickylick’s approach was far too crude for my taste. I mean, how can something of depth come from that sort of start?

I said as much to a friend of mine called Jonas. He was looking for a boyfriend on a site called Grinder. Jonas met and grinded with a guy he met online, announced he was in love, then had a spitty-fit when he discovered his lover was grinding it large with every Tom, Dick and Harry from London to Luton.

I am a Tantric woman. We pride ourselves on our uninhibited approach to lovemaking but take time to let relationships blossom since we seek mind/soul connection before joining genitals.

I’m not interested in what some women read about – ie. whether Katie Price wants more kids, what Maria Carey looks like without airbrushed boobs, which celebrities were seen flashing their bums or the Kardashians ridiculously overpriced makeovers.

I want to be inspired. I want to be uplifted with joyous, meaningful news. I want to be with men who open car doors and make you feel adored; not unzip their pants in the same breath they say hello.

Am I part of a dying breed?


Stella Ralfini is an empowerment teacher, beauty guru and award winning author.