Stella Ralfini has, over the years, written books for children and adults. She has sought to liberate mind and body but to also entertain and share her experiences. Stella was shortlisted for Funny Writer 2012 Award for Porridge The Two Faced Parrot but insists Omzak is her favourite children’s book.  Her newest offering is Chakra Psychology and suits all on a spiritual path.


Sensual Sorcery is not just a book of Stella’s favourite homemade beauty and health recipes, it also offers health plans and unique detoxes to maintain or lose weight. Added to that, Sensual Sorcery is sprinkled with Stella’s humourous life quotes and contains pictures of her at 72 – which many might describe as mind boggling!
Stella has been empowering women for many years as well as advising them on how to look and feel their best through natural means. Sensual Sorcery offers something to all so whether your concern is wrinkle avoidance, skin issues or your health, this book is a must buy.



In my book Three Faces of Sex, we explored the fun world of fantasy at mind level, the kingdom of love at heart level and learned how to marry the two with high energy breath work to give us super lover status.

Now we are going to take a giant leap and use sex as a tool to change the quality of life in ways you may not have imagined possible. This end will be achieved by combining ‘magnetic embrace’ lovemaking techniques with the power of the mind to channel cosmic energy into the third eye. Magnetic embrace is not only considered the highest form of lovemaking that exists in our universe, it is a science that brings together astronomy, mathematics, physiognomy, psychology and parapsychology. If you have never heard of it, let alone tried it, you might be surprised to hear that this method of scientific lovemaking to reclaim cosmic status was favoured by Tantrics, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas and Druids and practised in the Orient, Greece, Egypt, Italy and Troy. Whilst is has lost its foothold in the West, it is still used (in its religious context) amongst Zen Buddhists, Hindustanis, Islamic Sufis and Gnostics.



Stella Ralfini is a psychologist who has been a healer, yoga/workshop teacher for many years.

Chakra Psychology is the result Of Stella’s travels to China, Japan and India where she went to study with spiritual masters in the fields of body, soul and healing arts. In this book Stella fuses East/West psychology and philosophy to offer a unique journey through seven chakras.

Each chakra contains a world of knowledge with pitfalls to avoid, challenges to overcome, and tested methods to keep us moving upwards.

Find out how you keep getting in your own way, why you can’t find a compatible partner, why you suffer with poor health or spend half your life feeling sad.

Then find out how to change the above and start living the life you were born to.

Stella explains what she found easy – and not so easy –when she set out to conquer the seven inner worlds. She offers this guidance with meditations, healing/mind techniques and health tips for each chakra. She also includes Sufi tales of wisdom, healing symbols and healthy eating/detox plans.

Chakra Psychology is a book that offers real solutions to erasing the past and starting over. It’s a book which allows you to love yourself and teaches you how to use your God given powers for and not against yourself.



Don’t let lack of imagination stop you becoming the lover of anyone’s dreams.

  • Find out how to tune into your lover’s fantasy wavelength

Find out how Tantrics make love to delight their partner and strengthen their relationship

Find out how to get high through breathing techniques that release inhibitions

Find out how to experience oneness through cosmic love play

Try out ancient love potions to heighten libido and discover lovemaking positions that guarantee multi orgasms