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BANANA FAST – this adjusts the iron, sodium, potassium factors in body. 1 day. Breakfast: 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice with pulp left in, sweetened with honey. After one hour eat two bananas. Chew thoroughly. This is important and eat the strings of white that stick to banana. Immediately after banana eat contents of one whole [...]

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A cat like no other!

I bought this book as a present for my son-who is 6 and too young-because something about it drew me to it. I'd never heard of Jaylen Grace before but from now on want to read anything and everything she writes whether for children or adults. What a wonderful story Omzak The Space Cat Warrior is! I [...]

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Amazing story!!!!

I’ve just read Omzak and wished the story had gone on forever. Omzak is badly flawed, arrogant and a big snob at the beginning but as the story goes on, you cant help totally falling in love with him. Pasha is a Persian cat with ideas above her station and is determined to marry a [...]

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