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Makeup tattoos and Agarose. New beauty trends for the over sixties.

Makeup tattoos and Agarose. New beauty trends for the over sixties. Here I am, a hopefully still foxy 70 year old who is ready to share her beauty secrets with you – without ridiculous claims or hype. If you care about looking good and staying that way for as long [...]

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Scientific facts and application of semen beauty mask

There is a Taoist order of nuns in China called White Tigress society, who apparently use semen all over their bodies to prevent skin ageing. My question is how the saucy minxes harvest so much of the stuff! In your case, since we are only talking about the face - and [...]

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A little Treasure!

This is a lovely little book full of interesting facts and lovely poems. If you love cats you will love this book. There is a little something for all cat lovers. I hope we hear more from Patchy in the future.

By |2016-06-15T16:09:31+01:00June 15th, 2016|PORRIDGE|0 Comments

This book is incredibly interesting!

I love this little book and my son loves it. It is directed for children but we parents love it as well. Good pictures, good facts and good writing. Good book no doubt. The book is short, factual, and has large-sized photos. These would be great additions to any preschool teacher's library. If you want [...]

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Omzak – What a great read!

I loved this book, from beginning to end. The character Omzak and the people/cats he meets on his travels was truly brought to life with very vivid, visual and descriptive language. I have now passed it on to my son who is also enjoying it. Not only was it an adventure action packed story, reading [...]

By |2016-06-15T15:32:42+01:00June 15th, 2016|OMZAK|0 Comments

Just great!

There isn't anything you can compare this book to really. It's a bit like Alice in Wonderland but here, Omzac, a cat warrior from another planet falls down the hole and finds a surreal world waiting. Omzac, as a punishment, is sent by his ruler to live amongst cats on Earth and for him, they [...]

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Yoga has changed a lot since its early beginnings. It has truly become an art form, open for interpretation by the teacher giving the class. All the student has to do is find a teacher who suits them. Yoga is suitable for everyone of any age and can be adapted for any size, so if [...]

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It’s easy to inspire students when yoga asanas (exercises) have names like Sleeping Swan and Twisted Dragon. Often when I show these asanas for the first time, I am met with gasps of ‘Oh no!’ However, ten minutes later my students are the smiliest, most adept Swans and Dragons imaginable. Naturally, I wouldn’t ask my [...]

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Another yoga plus, as already mentioned above, is that most find their habits become healthier. Burgers and fries go on the back burner to be replaced by fresh fish and salad; fruit juice for coffee and dried cranberries for crisps. Yoga means ‘union’ – and once body, mind and soul are in union, change for [...]

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