I’ve just read Omzak and wished the story had gone on forever.
Omzak is badly flawed, arrogant and a big snob at the beginning but as the story goes on, you cant help totally falling in love with him.
Pasha is a Persian cat with ideas above her station and is determined to marry a cat with a royal title. (she reminded me of women who want to marry that ‘rich guy with all the trimmings’) and made me laugh my head off.
Floss is a gay tom cat who meows as if ‘he’s got a pin stuck up his nose’. He just wants to fit in with the boys and is a wonderful character.
Zorba’s a fat slob who stole my heart because he’s so funny, kind and lovable.
What I loved most was the relationship between Omzak and Jodie. All the other characters in the book are cats (with human weaknesses and wants). Jodie is the girl who takes Omzak in as a pet – and there was a bit in the book that made me cry because it was so touching.