By chance, when I created this complete anti-aging pineapple facial treatment, I discovered an amazing beauty BIGGIE.

Hidden in the recipes below – i.e. pineapple exfoliator, pineapple age defying wash and pineapple pore minimizer/super nourishing mask – you will find out what it is, and when you try it out, you’ll feel as if you’d had a FACE LIFT. But, hold on, let’s not rush things and start at the beginning. For this complete pineapple facial treatment, you need just four basic ingredients. A fresh pineapple, honey, coconut milk and rose water.

It would cost a fortune if we could find it in a spa but costs us literally nothing to make and whilst a little messy, the recipes are child’s play – and include a pineapple health drink to boost the immune system at the end.

PINEAPPLE:  is packed with vitamin C and powerful antioxidants that not only stimulate skin but the immune system, plus pineapple is excellent for keeping eyes healthy and bones strong.

HONEY: is packed with antioxidants to nourish/soothe skin and give it a beautiful glow.

COCONUT MILK:  is rich in fibre, VIT C,E,B1,B3,B5, B6, iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous so not only great for skin but for strengthening hair and nails.

ROSE WATER: The antioxidants in rose water protect skin cells. Since it is anti-inflammatory, it can be used to soothe irritations caused by eczema and rosacea.

So, assuming you have your basic ingredients to hand, (I will add a few extra for those of you who use essential oils), let’s get cracking.



Cut the fresh pineapple at the top (stalk end) so that you have a half an inch slice of pineapple with stalk still attached and you have an excellent exfoliator tool. All you’re going to do with this is (holding stalk) to gently rub pineapple into your face throat and neck. Use small circular motions and keeping gently rubbing into skin for at least one minute. Leave it on (you will start to feel it tingle) and make your next recipe.


Blend quarter cup fresh pineapple with 1 tbs spoon coconut milk until smooth.  If you have, add 2 drops essential oil. Lavender for problematic/blemished skin. Rose for all skin types or Frankincense for older, dry skin. For this particular recipe to work its full magic as it did on my skin, a few drops of essential oil IS recommended. Pour into little dish, (you will have enough left over for a few more pineapple face washes). Dab cotton pad into mix and apply to face and neck in small circular movements. Dab cotton pad into mix again and apply as before. Repeat this procedure one more time. (Three times in all). Leave on for 15 mins while you prepare next recipe. (You’ll really feel this treatment tingle as the minutes go by). Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.


Remember that just a few lines ago I said ‘you’d have enough of the mix left for a few more treatments?’ The following day/evening, you repeat what you did first time around but as you’ll find, the enzymes in the pineapple have fused into coconut milk ingredients and essential oil  and the mixture is really POTENT. As soon as your third coat starts to dry on your skin, you’ll feel a slight itch, a stronger tingle and then the feeling that your skin is tightening and your jaw line’s firming up.  To take further advantage of this natural mini face lift, when the fifteen minutes is up, wet a face brush and (using small circular movements) gently massage your face and neck for a good minute.  Repeat above procedure on Day Three and you’ll find, the above mix becomes an even stronger experience of lifting  and tightening your skin. Don’t just read this. DO IT.  I’m telling you that its among my GREATEST beauty discoveries to date.

oh yeah, thrilled with results



1 tbs roughly blended pineapple. 1 tbs Rose Water, 1-2 tbs honey. Few drops of any above mentioned essential oil if you have. I usually add a full tsp of regular yoghurt to this recipe so if you’ve got any in the fridge, go ahead and do the same.

This recipe is quite messy so you may wish to use a make up or pastry brush to apply to face and neck. Keep applying so honey sticks to your skin and forget about it for 20 mins to half an hour. I leave it on for an hour if I’m watching TV. Within fifteen minutes you will feel skin tightening quite a lot and can literally feel the ingredients working like beavers under the surface. Rinse off with warm water and wow you foxy minx, that’s what I call delicious, glowing skin.

If you wish to familiarize yourself with uses of my favourite carrier and essential oils, here is the link to first few pages of my forthcoming book Sensual Sorcery. .You’ll find lots more beauty recipes under ‘Beauty/Health’ tab.

If you wish to make my favourite beauty recipes, i.e.  my Essential Oil Facial Serum and Essential Oil Facial Spritzer, here are links to those.  and:   You can find lots more recipes on Stella Ralfini Official YouTube Channel.

To follow your pineapple mini lift next week, I thoroughly recommend you make my Wrinkle Fade Mask. There is no One beauty treatment in the world that can perform every single task the skin needs but when it comes to wrinkles, this one is a winner:

However, we’re not finished yet. While the skin peel/nourishing mask works it magic on your skin, you can make your pineapple health drink. Whatever amount of pineapple you have left over, blend it with 2 big glasses of coconut milk (Unlike cow’s milk it is lactose free so perfect for those with lactose intolerance). Add full teaspoon honey, good squeeze of lemon or lime juice. If you’ve got an orange hanging around, throw that in as well. I always have fresh ginger at home. If you do, chop up a small piece and mix in blender with other ingredients.  Do not eat anything an hour before or after this health drink. Let it get into your immune system to strengthen it.

All Stella’s recipes are taken from her forthcoming book SENSUAL SORCERY which will be published in June 2019. She will be touring the UK/Scotland in Summer 2019, teaching empowerment workshops that include a section on how to make her natural beauty recipes and hopes to meet you at one.

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