I bought this book as a present for my son-who is 6 and too young-because something about it drew me to it. I’d never heard of Jaylen Grace before but from now on want to read anything and everything she writes whether for children or adults.
What a wonderful story Omzak The Space Cat Warrior is! I don’t know whether younger kids will get all the “life lessons” contained in it but know they’ll find it funny, touching, memorable- and love the well crafted battle scenes.
Omzak reads like something that could have been written in 6 months but considering the amount of levels it explores and the superb progression of characters growth, I suspect it took years…
I honestly think this book should be made compulsory reading at schools because it has so much that could be discussed as learning tools for children- friendship, kindness, letting go of judgement, how to deal with change,living in new environments and much more.