“Porridge The Two Faced Parrot” will have you laughing and shaking your head, often at the same time! Alfie, Alf, meets an unlikely friend when he accompanies his Nan for tea with his Head Mistress. Porridge, an African Grey parrot recently acquired from a rescue, is anything but a normal Parrot. Sassy, bad mouthed and temperamental, he quickly proves to be trouble.

This chance encounter sets Alf up for a series of whirlwind adventures, each more chaotic than the last, all with Porridge at the helm. From being blackmailed into dancing at a talent competition to facing down a school bully, Alf finds himself in scrape after scrape. Birds should not be this funny, Parrots should not be this intelligent and Talent Shows really shouldn’t be this entertaining!

Short Listed for the Funny Writer’s prize in 2012, “Porridge The Two Faced Parrot” lives up to the nomination. Clever, quick and humorous, Jaylen Grace has nailed the `funny’ in a Youth Novel; creating a character you love to read about and would love to meet. I can’t wait to read the continuing adventures of Porridge and Alf, and odd couple of the best variety.

This book is perfect for readers aged 9 – 15, and even older; if you have a sense of humor, this book is for you.