Award winning life coach, natural health/beauty advisor and author. Featured in Woman’s Own, Women’s Health, Top Sante, Prima, Bella, Thrive Global, Huffington Post, Sloan, Soul and Spirit, Kindred Spirit, Bella, Health  Consumer Digest, Simply You, national newspapers. BBC Radio and Channel 4 TV.

We waste money on clothes we don’t need, gadgets we don’t use and excursions that are forgotten in days. We waste money on expensive beauty treatments that show little result. On diets we can’t sustain because the mind rebels. On doctors, therapists, health products, energy pills, sleeping pills and more to address mind issues which never wholly correct themselves.

Invest in yourself, mind, body, face and soul for 30 days. Let me eke out from the detailed questionnaire I send you, unrevealed part of yourself that cause weight to waver, health to suffer, wrinkles to form, confidence to dwindle, relationships to fail and career to suffer.

Let’s address what keeps you up at night. Relationship, career, finance concerns. Your niggles about aging, menopause, loss of libido, ill health or feeling past it. Let me introduce you to my natural health and beauty methods to keep body lithe and complexion youthful. Let’s work together on my award winning Conscious Collaboration mind empowerment programme to release mental barriers that hold you back from being the woman you were born to be. And can become.

Not feeling our best health wise or in terms of looks or image, has negative impact on every aspect of our lives. Let me navigate you out of the maze. Mine is not simply a promise in words. Your proof is me. A 73 yr old with a successful career who continues to defy age in mind, body and face and is as passionate about empowering others as when I started out 37 years ago.

Since I only work with clients I feel are a good match for my transformation programme and to whom I can offer guaranteed results, I offer a no obligation 30 minute consultation on Skype/Zoom to discuss your needs and what you want to achieve. If we both wish to go ahead, you then receive detailed questionnaire for me to glean initial info from and our work together begins.

During our 30 day total transformation programme, you will learn how to grow in beauty while you sleep. Find solutions for thinning hair, saggy jaw, flabby tummy and tired eyes. Learn how to adapt to healthier lifestyle that suits your personality, never need to diet again and turn dreams into action. Since I am an expert in my field, if you wish, I also recommend which beauty treatments to have with the when and why so you dont waste money, know what you are doing and don’t overdo.

Your unique, specially created, personalized 30 day programme includes:

4x weekly health, beauty, wellness suggestions for you to follow. Meditation, healing or breathing technique to embed in the subconscious and speed progress.

1x weekly one hour Skype/Zoom session to address and overcome health/beauty/wellness issues

1x weekly one hour Skype/Zoom session to empower and clarify mind (includes exercise and mind training technique).

1x weekly personalised health/beauty plan for you to follow and become an expert in what suits, inspires and gives you the best results so that at the end of our 30 days, you know how to proceed on your own, feel energized to do so and are well on your way to the new, improved you.

If you wish to know more about me, check out my book Sensual Sorcery on Amazon. This will give you an excellent idea of my Mother Nature approach to health and beauty. Should you wish to read client testimonials, they are available on my website

Special price for personalized, hand held 30 day total transformation package is £800. For those who have completed 3 hour transformation consultation with me beforehand, price is £550. Price of £800, applies until December 31st 2020 which means a saving of £200 on normal cost.

Should you wish to book a no obligation Skype/Zoom chat, please write to me at stella@stellaralfini.co.uk and we will take it from there.