3 hour transformation consultation with award winning life coach, natural health/ beauty advisor and bestselling author Stella Ralfini. Featured in many mags including: Women’s Health, Top Sante, Prima, Soul and Destiny, Kindred Spirit, Bella, Thrive Global, Health Consumer Digest, Huffington Post, Sloan, Woman’s Own. Also BBC Radio and Channel 4 TV.

Enrich and strengthen your potential. Take back your God given powers. Liberate yourself from a mind that holds you back. Maximize health, wellbeing and looks.

This deep 3 hour empowerment journey through habits, beliefs and mental blocks provides new ways of looking at life, health and image. Through your detailed questionnaire, Stella ekes out unrevealed parts of self that cause weight to waver, health to suffer, wrinkles to form and confidence to dwindle.

To be successful in our endeavours, we need a mind that can withstand pressure and runs as smoothly as a Rolls Royce engine. 40-60 is an ideal time for this understanding to take root so that we reach our later years with youthful looks, a well maintained body, vibrancy and balanced energy levels.

Based on questionnaire answers, Stella creates a tailor made programme for your personality, health/weight concerns and skin type. This includes specific affirmation/mantra, ancient yogi visualisation, breathing and healing technique to embed in the subconscious to speed positive change.

This head to toe natural beauty/wellness consultation encourages you to take better care of self, mind, body and soul. You learn how to grow in beauty while you sleep. How to adapt to healthier lifestyle that suits your character, never need to diet again and turn dreams into action.

If you wish to know more about Stella, check out her book Sensual Sorcery on Amazon. This gives an excellent idea of her Mother Nature approach to beauty and health. To take action on this powerful three hour transformation consultation at special price £250, write to Stella at stella@stellralfini.co.uk