Saturday 2nd June 15.30 – 20.30

How do fears grow to the point where they overwhelm us? What causes us to feel helpless and lost? Why do few seem to understand us? How do we find courage to leave miserable relationships? Why don’t we fully love ourselves? Is there any hope for the future?

This DEEP five hour workshop guided by respected psychologist, life coach and yoga teacher Stella Ralfini, could provide the key to turn your life around.

As Stella takes you on a journey through a dangerous forest, you will meet teachers (who might initially seem like enemies) to advance you further. This forest is full of strange creatures that must be kissed, forgiven, or waved goodbye to, and looming in the background is a destructive Robot to transform into our greatest ally
Having successfully tackled these, we leave the forest and travel far to the sphere of the soul. Our task there is to connect with and retrieve splintered fragments of our souls, which were lost in our early years due to conditioning, lack of love or the inability to express ourselves. Often not aware of the ‘why’, we can tell we’re no longer ‘whole’ when we lose our sense of purpose. Life on Earth is fleeting. Without purpose it is a wasted life

In her usual magical way, Stella weaves mind power and heart opening exercises with powerful soul healing. She is one of few teachers who has knowledge of the ‘soul retrieval’ ceremony, which was taught to her by a Shaman of the Native American Cofi tribe she lived amongst in the Amazon.

This workshop includes individual aura cleanse to draw out negative energy caused by our own faulty thinking, and ill- will others feel towards us. During your aura cleanse Stella will filter two sacred healing symbols into your being to improve health and sense of self-worth and will show you other powerful ways they can be used by you.
As a gesture of goodwill due to the financial crisis in Greece, Stella will teach this 5 hour workshop for e60 per person. You are requested to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a scarf to use as a blindfold.
If you are interested, please book early since spaces tend to fill fast.