Kvass – The health And Beauty Secret Everyone’s Raving About.

    I am convinced that beetroots will soon be named THE major superfood but if you don’t know about the extra health and skin benefits of FERMENTED beetroots, read on. Fermenting your beets rather than eating them raw gives you all the health-boosting benefits of raw beets but they become even more bioavailable through [...]

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How To Detox For Better Health and Radiant Skin

      These one day detoxes not only ensures radiant smooth skin, they promote good health and weight loss. Start to see your body as a temple, knowing every mouthful of food you put into your mouth is either adding or detracting from both health and beauty. On the subject of weight loss, until [...]

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SUPER DETOX – Promotes Radiant Skin, Maximum Health and Weight Loss

  This fantastic detox not only ensures radiant, smooth skin, it promotes weight loss and maximum health. The importance of this one week health plan is that it targets healthy functioning of the liver. Treat this organ like a precious diamond and you have uncovered a mighty tool, which can also assist with slow thyroid [...]

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Magnetize Beauty Through The Law of Attraction

  You are beautiful. Think about the people who know you and tell you that you are? If you believe them why not have more faith in yourself? Maybe you are overweight but worrying isn’t going to make you slim. Soon you’ll be ready to shed those pounds, until then, feel beautiful. Maybe the mirror [...]

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Stella Ralfini Online Skype sessions for health, relationships, career and life advise.

      Even when Stella is not in the city where you reside, you can book a life-coach lesson with her via Skype. Stella is one of few psychologist/life coaches who can rightfully call themselves a ‘Teacher of Self Knowledge.’ To gain this title means she also trained as a healer (at Master level) [...]

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Lose Those Extra Pounds with Super Yogi Detox

  BANANA FAST - this adjusts the iron, sodium and potassium factors in body. When these are balanced, the struggle is taken out of losing those extra pounds. I recommend you do this banana fast twice every week for one month.  Days can be staggered to suit your mood and schedule. Breakfast: 1 cup freshly [...]

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