This fantastic detox not only ensures radiant, smooth skin, it promotes weight loss and maximum health. The importance of this one week health plan is that it targets healthy functioning of the liver. Treat this organ like a precious diamond and you have uncovered a mighty tool, which can also assist with slow thyroid and painful period issues.  People think little about the amazing role our organs play regarding whether we’re overweight, have spotty skin or easily come down with illness. Start to see your body as a temple, knowing every mouthful of food you put into your mouth is either adding or detracting from both health and beauty. Many ask why my skin is so young looking at 70, my body is in such great shape and my weight rarely fluctuates – and on the subject of weight loss, allow me to explain it from a mind perspective. Until that is trained to become your servant as opposed to master it needs to be fed in small tasty bites, so start by seeing your health and beauty improvements as one week tasks. As the mind softens to this idea, you can add a second then third week working with different organs. That part you can leave to me by checking in regularly to my website/Facebook page.

So, if you are ready Gods and Goddesses, let’s begin to create your awesome temple by thoroughly cleansing the liver.  If you do not like some of my suggestions, improvise but keep basic structure of this detox.

Breakfasts consist of the following, which you can mix and swap around.

3x  glass of carrot juice with soup spoon of wheat germ. I slice brown bread or crispbread with butter. 2x fresh fruit breakfast with grapes, grapefruit and orange. (Grapefruit is particularly beneficial since it stimulates kidneys, liver and entire glandular system). 1x muesli with chopped fresh apple. 1x pot of natural yoghurt.

Lunch ideas: 2x cooked brown rice with mixture of any/all green vegetables.  2x large potato boiled with skin, cottage cheese and mixed leaf salad. 2x vegetable soup, brown bread salad sandwich. 1x salad with whole sliced avocado.  NB all salads contain ample grated carrot.

Dinner ideas: (This is where you get to experiment to get the mind on your side. Meals should be small since the metabolism slows down a lot after 7pm). Stick to steamed foods, brown rice, barley/oats in vegetable soups, and green salads that contain any/all of following: fennel, chicory, carrot, beetroot.  Use lemon juice not vinegar in salads and olive/sesame oil with plenty of sesame seeds.  Two small portions of either meat or fish are permitted in dinner ideas.

Drink at least six glasses of water every day and a cup of herbal tea after breakfast/lunch/dinner.  If you really can’t go without coffee, limit to one cup each day.

Tips: Buy everything you need for this detox in advance (other than meat/fish). If you suffer with painful periods, do this detox one week before period is due. Print this sheet and pin to fridge where you can easily refer to it.

Ready, steady, go. Let’s get started.


Stella Ralfini is an international life coach, beauty guru and award winning author.  She writes for Huffington Post under name ‘Mature Beauty Minx.’