Stella is one of few qualified psychologists/beauty-health advisors who can alsocall themselves ‘Teacher of Self Knowledge.’ To gain this title means she trained as a healer (at Master level) and is a yoga instructor (Hatha, Kundalini and Tantra).
In her early years, Stella found success in every career path she chose but felt her true calling was to help others find balance, love and success in their lives. She has been a life coach for over 30 years. Stella has many successful businesswomen among her clients and works tirelessly beside them to ensure they achieve their goals. Her deep understanding of why relationships go awry,is another area she tackles with compassion and her vast knowledge regarding beauty/health related mattersis recognized around the world.
Whether your issue concerns frustration, career, bereavement, health/beauty, relationship or the feeling that you are lost or ‘stuck,’ Stella will guide you through the maze.
For someone of Stella’s caliber, her fee of £45, or $50, (depending on currency of Country) is extremely fair for a one hour Skype session. New clients have the added benefit of 25% discount on above prices for their first two sessions.
Should you wish to book a Skype session, write to Stella, giving her a one or two paragraph run down of your issue, at If Stella accepts you as a client, you then pay your fee through Paypal and appointment is set up to suit your timetable.
If you’re a NEW client, take advantage of her offer and get your life back on track.