Urine therapy is without doubt the winner cure for acne, eczema, psoriasis, pimples, wounds and scars. Why my article went viral when I recently spoke of it is a mystery – unless it’s because I’m 70, my skin looks young and journalists used that hook to suggest my beauty secret was dabbing urine on my face every day as an anti-aging remedy. That though is not true since at my age it would have dried my skin out.

I do, however, sing urine therapy’s praises since for skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, wounds and scars, you cannot beat this cure and there is nothing gruesome about it other than in people’s minds. (And No, it does not smell since the urine used is yours, it is fresh and perfectly matches your DNA.

So let’s talk facts before I tell you how I came across it and cured an ugly persistent rash within a week of trying it out. Urine is approximately 93% water and 7% filled with nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc. Far from being toxic, it is filtered twice; once by the liver and again by the kidneys (which is why I advise clients to drinks lots of carrot and beetroot juice to double cleanse both organs). Anything toxic leaves the body via faeces. Urine is completely sterile. Urine therapy is widely acclaimed in Ayuvedic and Chinese medicine – and was favoured by the Aztecs to heal wounds – meaning it has been around for many centuries.

Urea (a chemical compound found in urine) is used as an ingredient in some expensive beauty products. Lots of topical creams also use synthetically manufactured urea as an ingredient in skincare but why spend good money when we have urine on tap?

I read somewhere that Madonna pees over her feet after she showers since she believes urine therapy is the best cure for athlete’s foot. Women of my mother’s generation wiped their babies down with their wet nappies as a protective measure or cure for baby eczema.

My introduction to urine therapy came in my thirties when I was studying Ayuvedic medicine in India. Distraught due to the fact my face was covered in raw, weeping pimples, a doctor I was working under, suggested I try it. ‘Take a plastic cup, catch the middle flow of your urine in it then dab it on your face with cotton wool twice a day for a week and you’ll be smiling again,’ he said.

Never a squeamish type I followed his instructions, and low and behold a week later my rash had disappeared. In the 35 years I’ve been a professional life coach and beauty advisor, I recommended it to clients who had skin issues – all of whom are now urine therapy converts.

I had no reason to use urine again until this year when I was diagnosed with skin cancer. The operation proved successful but I was left with an ugly scar on my leg so I dabbed it every day and am pleased to report a huge difference in appearance.

To those still in doubt and at the ‘Urgh’ stage regarding urine therapy, look at the bigger picture. Whatever supreme energy force created us (call it God or whatever you will), provided us with everything we need to heal ourselves. Fruits, plants, herbs, vegetables are some of the gifts we can use. Urine is another aspect of the universe’s generosity so if you have problem skin, open your mind, try it, and you will be thankful that you did.


Stella Ralfini is a professional life coach, beauty advisor and award winning author who has written 4 books. Her two children’s books are titled Omzak the Space Cat Warrior and Porridge the Two Faced Parrot. Her two books for adults are Chakra Psychology and Three Faces of Sex.  (all books are available to buy on Stella Ralfini’s professional FB page via Shopify)