Stella is the creator of an award winning mind training method ‘Conscious Collaboration’ and has empowered others for close on 40 years to ensure they achieve success in whatever area of life they feel stuck.

Stella has many business women among her clients and works tirelessly beside them to ensure they forge ahead and create wealth.  Her understanding of why relationships go awry, is another area she tackles with regularity.

Stella is best selling author of Sensual Sorcery. Her vast knowledge regarding beauty/health related matters is recognized worldwide. She prides herself on helping others look and feel youthful, vibrant and confident in who they are.

Whether your issue concerns frustration, career, bereavement, health/beauty, relationship or spiritual advancement, let Stella guide you through the tangled jungle we call life.

Due to fact that many need particular help during this time of confinement, for a limited period, Stella offers two one hour Skype sessions for the price of one until 15th June 2020.

Should you wish to book this special limited time price package of two Skype sessions for £70, write to Stella at (or message her on Facebook)