To Stella Ralfini, the two most important words in life are love and happiness and her workshops / seminars for couples and singles prove ever popular.



Love Vibe singles events are designed to bring singles closer to love and find their special someone.

Singles who wish to delve further into the realm of relationship skills and how to become a better lover, can join a one day intensive Love Camp workshop. Articles are posted regularly on this page that encompass everything that is going on in the singles world for both heterosexual and same sex singles.


You like hiking? You can go hiking with likeminded singles. You like restaurants? You can get to know someone over a meal. Then there’s wine tasting, dancing or cookery lessons. These events may or may not end in romance but you are doing something you enjoy and adding to your skills.


Love Camp is a day not to be missed whether you are single or couple of any sexual preference.

Love Camp is not aimed at helping you to find your match (although this has happened in the past). Love Camp gives you the tools to become a better all-round partner and lover through breathing techniques and exercises to awaken the senses and release conditioned inhibition.

You also practice relationship skills which include The Art of Honest Communication – How to Turn Irritation Into Loving Kindness, Setting Boundaries and How To Grow A Relationship.

Since Love Camp includes a flavor of Tantra, you are also taught how to give your partner a sensuous massage and how to incorporate easy Tantra yoga positions to enhance lovemaking. These are taught wearing light, comfortable clothing (as are all Stella’s workshops).

Love Camp offers no magic potions but guarantees that by the end of the day you’ll leave feeling ‘unblocked’, confident and ready to put into practice all that you have learned with more love and ease than you ever imagined possible.

Growing relationships into something that brings maximum happiness to both partners is an art. To some this art comes naturally. To many it requires that extra bit of experienced guidance, which is what Stella Ralfini offers having worked successfully in this field for many years.