These one day detoxes not only ensures radiant smooth skin, they promote good health and weight loss. Start to see your body as a temple, knowing every mouthful of food you put into your mouth is either adding or detracting from both health and beauty. On the subject of weight loss, until the mind is trained to become your servant (as opposed to your ruler), it needs to be encouraged in small tasty bites.  I personally don’t like the word ‘diet’ which seems to cause the mind to rebel. If weight loss is part of your agenda, work up to three detox days a week and take it from there..

So, if you are ready Gods and Goddesses, let’s begin to create your awesome temple. If you do not like some of my food suggestions, improvise keeping the basic structure of detox days.

Breakfasts consist of the following, which you can swap around to suit.

Fresh fruit breakfast with grapes, grapefruit and orange. (Grapefruit is particularly beneficial since it stimulates kidneys, liver and entire glandular system). Muesli with chopped fresh apple.  A pot of natural yoghurt. Small bowl of porridge.

Lunch ideas: cooked brown rice with mixture of any/all green vegetables.  Large potato boiled with skin, cottage cheese and mixed leaf salad. Vegetable soup. Salad with whole sliced avocado.  NB all salads should contain ample grated carrot.

Dinner ideas: Meals should be small since the metabolism slows down drastically after 7pm. Stick to steamed foods (meat/fish) and green salads that contain any/all of following: fennel, chicory, carrot, beetroot.  If you’re vegetarian, add brown rice to your salad.

Drink at least six glasses of water, a cup of herbal tea after lunch and THREE glasses of either carrot or beetroot juice during your detox days. (You will find recipes on my Facebook page).  If you really can’t go without coffee, limit to one cup.

Tips: Buy whatever you need for your detox in advance (other than meat/fish). Print this sheet and pin to fridge where you can easily refer to it.

Next week, when you have completed three detox days we’ll move to the slightly more challenging detoxes I do.

Ready, steady, go. Let’s get started.


Stella Ralfini is a professional life coach, beauty guru and award winning author.  She also writes for Huffington Post and Consumer Health Digest.