In this powerful healing meditation we firstly come to love and accept our imperfections, accept other’s imperfections then begin to spread love until it reaches round the world, touching heart after heart.  I meditate every day and this one I love since it softens my ego and opens me into love. A good way to practice this meditation is to slowly read it out loud until it fixes itself in your mind.  Stay blessed. X


Step 1: Sitting comfortably with your arms straight out in front of you at chest level, place your left palm on the back of your right hand. Breathing naturally, start to become aware of the space between your hands and heart. Feel your heart filling with more love for yourself and send this out to your hands.  Feel the warmth of loving yourself growing stronger. Feel the kindness towards yourself become softer.  Send this softness back to the heart. Love yourself for who you are, knowing you’re doing the best you can to become a more loving being every day. Appreciate yourself for the efforts you make, even if no one else does. Let the feeling of loving yourself expand until your heart and hands vibrate with this love. Breathe this feeling of love into your heart and send it back to your hands.

Step 2: Gently bring your hands to rest on your heart and bring to mind someone you love. Feel the warmth of loving them growing stronger. Feel the kindness towards them becoming softer, knowing that they too are doing the best they can, even when it doesn’t feel like it to you. Let compassion fill your soul, knowing they too carry burdens from the past and they don’t know how to be other than they are when they hurt you.

Let your heart fill with love. Send them your love now in acceptance that we are all little birds with broken wings who want to be loved and cared for. Think about all the people in the world. Think about how much some suffer.  Those with broken hearts. Those with no families and no one to love. Those who can’t reach out because there is no one to reach out to.  Reach out to them by sending your love. Let your heart fill with compassion. Let your heart fill with gratitude for all you have as you send love out to the world.

Feel your love touching someone’s heart who is hurting and in pain. Breathe out your blessings. Breathe them into the air. Feel your blessings touch heart after heart and soul after soul.

Love yourself. Let your love touch those you love, accepting them for who they are. Send your love out in the world and feel it touching heart after heart as the feeling of love expands around you into a golden sphere of loving light.


Stella Ralfini is a professional life coach, beauty guru and award-winning author. She also writes for Huffington Post and Consumer Health Digest. The above healing meditation is from her book ‘Chakra Psychology.’