13th Horoscope Sign? No way I’m now Pisces!!

Anyone who knows anything about astrology only needs a minute to know I’m Aries. I’m passionate, uncomplicated, motivated, a confident leader with relentless determination and honest to slicing point. When I came across Ophiuchus, known as the snake charmer and depicted as a man wrestling with a snake, I knew it was not the 13th [...]

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Stella Ralfini My Relationship With a Spider

Six weeks ago I began a relationship with a spider. I call him Albert (although he could equally be Albertina). Albert lives in my bath. He’s asleep most of the time dreaming spider dreams. The first few weeks I nudged him with my bath sponge to hop on so I could lift him to safety [...]

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Saturday 2nd June 15.30 – 20.30 How do fears grow to the point where they overwhelm us? What causes us to feel helpless and lost? Why do few seem to understand us? How do we find courage to leave miserable relationships? Why don’t we fully love ourselves? Is there any hope for the future? This [...]

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