Ten Minute DIY Pepto-Bismol Face Mask

Normally used to relieve heartburn, upset stomach and diarrhea, who would have believed that Pepto-Bismal would prove to be a fantastic emergency beauty mask? I have clients who use it once weekly to help with pimples and acne and some have reported brilliant results. In this case we are using it to close the pores and tighten the skin as step one of our emergency beauty treatment. Since the liquid is too thin to apply with the fingers, apply one tablespoon using a clean foundation brush. It won’t harden much so ignore that. Ten minutes later, rinse off with lukewarm water and you’re assured smoother skin with shrunken pores and reduced redness.

For all who do not suffer with spot outbreaks, ignore this middle step. However, if one has suddenly appeared, you can temporarily cause it to shrink and disappear by wrapping an ice cube in a clean handkerchief and pressing it to the spot for 3 seconds. Take it off and repeat same procedure twice.



Now comes the BIG secret to give you skin which looks as though you’ve just had a face lift, but please do not depend on this product or overuse. This tip is strictly for special occasions, that hot date when you want to feel like a radiant, glowing celebrity (or for photo shoots which is when I use it). Unfortunately, I have heard you cannot buy this product over the counter in the USA but it is easily available in pharmacists in UK/Europe so remember to buy a tube when travelling.  The make I use is called Xylocream but it is also known as Emla.  This cream is what dermatologists use to numb the skin prior to giving you Botox or facial filler treatments (and don’t worry, you will not be aware of the numbness). Being careful not to go too close to eyes, apply a thin layer over face and neck, leave for five minutes to absorb, apply a skin primer (Rimmel or L’Oreal are excellent) then your preferred choice of makeup and carry on as you normally do.

Voila, you are ready to step out feeling confident, fabulous and foxy.


Stella Ralfini is a life coach, beauty guru and award winning author.  She writes for Huffington Post under name ‘Mature Beauty Minx.’ At 70, she proves age is just a number.