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Magnetize Beauty Through The Law of Attraction

  You are beautiful. Think about the people who know you and tell you that you are? If you believe them why not have more faith in yourself? Maybe you are overweight but worrying isn’t going to make you slim. Soon you’ll be ready to shed those pounds, until then, feel beautiful. Maybe the mirror [...]

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Stella Ralfini Online Skype sessions for health, relationships, career and life advise.

      Even when Stella is not in the city where you reside, you can book a life-coach lesson with her via Skype. Stella is one of few psychologist/life coaches who can rightfully call themselves a ‘Teacher of Self Knowledge.’ To gain this title means she also trained as a healer (at Master level) [...]

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Lose Those Extra Pounds with Super Yogi Detox

  BANANA FAST - this adjusts the iron, sodium and potassium factors in body. When these are balanced, the struggle is taken out of losing those extra pounds. I recommend you do this banana fast twice every week for one month.  Days can be staggered to suit your mood and schedule. Breakfast: 1 cup freshly [...]

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Don’t Sit There Waiting. Pick Up The Phone.

Here we are with minds that can be trained to produce excellence of thought, yet how easily we allow them to corrode with inner self-destructive voices. How many times have we shuddered in their wake when an uncomplicated way of thinking could cure such madness? Imagine living in a world with no self-doubt? Imagine how [...]

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How NOT To Give Your Power Away

  Where I live in Greece some of the year, many believe in the evil eye… Usually they call a relative and ask them to take it away through incantation. This is the worst thing a spiritual warrior could do because when we offload what’s ours to solve on someone else, we weaken our energy [...]

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I’m A Rat And Loving it. Join the Club

Some years ago a man decided to eat a ‘plane to prove it could be done. Why he chose that is anyone’s guess but he achieved his goal by eating a chunk every day until the last screw was digested. George Bernard Shaw once famously said “Some men see things as they are and ask [...]

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Why Men Need a Kick in the Nuts.

The morning I woke up to see hundreds of erect penis pics on all my social media platforms, was a day which deeply saddened me. From all around the globe, men had written lewd messages to accompany their proud appendages. A few wrote ‘you are my favourite GILF.’ GILF apparently means the grandmother I’d most [...]

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Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You’re Nothing.

  Whatever has gone down is in the PAST, and we need to put a line through it if we are still carrying a low opinion of ourselves. Opinion isn’t fact, it’s illusion and having a low opinion of ourselves won’t get us anywhere. When that manager’s job came up in your office, did it [...]

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Don’t Let The World Turn You Into Ice.

    Our original nature is water, so we were meant to flow with the river. We were meant to move fluidly, allowing nothing to keep us from our greatness.  Sadly, by the time we’re adults we have been contaminated by conditioning and weighed down with labels.  Labels that say ‘I am a mother, daughter, [...]

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Stella Ralfini – What’s going on at www.https://stellaralfini.co.uk

At seventy, I am slowly being regarded as an inspirational woman of our times. This pleases me no end since I have given most of my life to taking care of others as an international life coach. I am one of few who has honest claim to my title of ‘Teacher of Self Knowledge.’  This [...]

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