What I want to say before I tell you how to make this amazing apple sauce exfoliating/lifting mask is that I’d like you to see all forthcoming beauty recipes in the same light you see gourmet cooking recipes. Creating beauty recipes is a wonderful, little explored world that has kept me enchanted for twenty years. I will share my knowledge so you become a Master Chef of beauty recipes and can progress to professional level. My recipes are what worked well for my skin. You might find that adding or subtracting a pinch of this or that gives you better results.  Try it my way first then see how you can improve. Be passionate, bold and inventive.

So, to begin, let’s talk about why we are going to wholeheartedly embrace applesauce: Imagine a fruit packed with vitamin C, B complex, carotene, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and phyto-nutrients? Applesauce provides all that and is what is known as a ‘malic acid’ fruit. Malic acid is an ingredient generally found in expensive peeling masks and removes dead skin cells thereby promoting collagen production. When combined with honey, which combats wrinkles; lemon/orange juice to tighten pores and natural oats to provide peeling part of mask, we are talking about a mask your skin will fall in love with.  It is a little messy so I suggest you apply it with a small pastry brush.


2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce (I buy ready prepared from health shop to save time)

1 heaped teaspoon ground oats. (Blend in mixer until it resembles course powder) Note: Make more than you need and store in screw top glass jar so you have it to hand to use in future recipes.

1 teaspoon honey

5 drops lemon juice (oily, acne prone skin) or 5 drops orange juice (dry, combination skin).

This mask does a great job whether or not you add an essential oil to the mix, but for even better results, I’d like you to buy the suggested three oils since one or more will be found in most beauty recipes after this – and I can vouch that essential oils are the key to radiant, young skin.

In future weeks, I will explain more about Rose, Lavender, Frankincense oils, their mind boggling properties and how to use them in diverse ways. For now, digest these facts so that you understand which essential oil/oils are most suitable for your skin type:

Rose essential oil suits all ages, dry, combination and older skin and is extremely versatile so you definitely need this in your kit.

Lavender essential oil is mildly antiseptic, so it’s excellent for rashes, problematic or oily skin.

Frankincense essential oil is THE one for mature, dryer skin types.

Should you happen to be in possession of all three, which two would you combine to use in this mask? I for example use Rose and Frankincense. What’s right for your skin?

For this mask we would add 4 drops of essential oil – which means if you are using 2, that’s 2 drops of each. Got it? Great. Told you we’d have fun.


Combine all ingredients (with or without essential oil) in a bowl, apply to face and neck with pastry brush and leave on for 20-25 minutes until oats dry out a little.  When the mask has been on your face around 5 minutes, you will start to feel its gentle tightening effect. Look in the mirror and you’ll see a fine glossy crust on your skin which means the ingredients are doing their work.  Before you rinse off, gently rub mask into your face and neck for 1 min. Rinse and towel dry face.

End treatment by running an ice cube over face and neck for 30 seconds (it tighten pores and acts as mini lift). Now you’re ready to put on your face cream and glow in the radiance of your beautiful skin.

NEXT WEEK:  I am going to tell you how to make three, out of this world, skin tonics using Rose, Lavender and Frankincense essential oils – and they can be made in seconds.

Stella Ralfini is an international life coach, beauty guru and award winning author.  The above recipe is an extract from her forthcoming book project ‘Sensual Sorcery.’